【Revision module B-2】九下-外研版-教材帮
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Revision  Module B  2


Well, as you can see, the school is very large. We have about 1, 200 students here. These classrooms on the ground floor are where we study French, English and Spanish. And opposite, this large room is the hall. The whole school meets in there every week. We also put on plays and concerts in the hall. Let’s go upstairs, and I’ll show you the classrooms there.


The three classrooms on the left are for art. Year 8 are building these models here. And look at these drawingsYear 9 are making them for our new sports centre. Follow me through this door here. Next to these classrooms we’ve got the health education room. This is where we learn about things like the risks of smoking, and the importance of keeping healthy and fit.


Now the second floor is where we do IT. We’re really lucky at this school because we’ve got lots of computers, printers and CD-ROMs. And there are more IT rooms on the top floor.