【Unit 01 Section B 1c 1d】九上-人教版-教材帮
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Ms. Manson: You look worried, Paul. Paul: I am, Ms. Manson. I’m having trouble learning English. Ms. Manson: You said you liked English. What’s the problem? Paul: I can’t get the pronunciation right. Ms. Manson: Well, listening can help. Why don’t you listen to English songs on the radio and repeat the difficult words? Paul: That’s a good idea. But what about all the new words? I forget a lot of the new words. Ms. Manson: You can always write the new words in your notebook and review them from time to time. You can even study on the subway on the way to school. Paul: That might really help! Thanks. Ms. Manson: Can you understand when people talk to you? Paul: Well, not always. Sometimes I just don’t understand what people are saying. Ms. Manson: Why don’t you join an English language club to practice speaking English? The English club meets after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Paul: Maybe I’ll go. The only other problem is that I don’t get much writing practice. Ms. Manson: Maybe you should find a pen pal. Paul: That sounds like a fun way to practice writing. Thanks, Ms. Manson.