【Unit 05 Section A 2a 2b】九上-人教版-教材帮
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Nick: Hey Marcus, have you heard about the art and science fair? Marcus: You mean the one just outside the science museum? Nick: Yeah, that’s the one. The school notice board says that all students are invited to attend for free! Our school is paying for it! Marcus: Wow, that’s great! Nick: I went there yesterday. Marcus: Did you see anything cool? Nick: Of course! All the works there were made by university students. Marcus: What did you see? Nick: I saw a huge model plane. It’s made of used wood and glass. I also saw a really beautiful painting. It’s made from grass, leaves and flowers. Marcus: Oh, yeah, the fair is about environmental protection and recycling, right? Nick: Yes, and the students came up with some really interesting and creative ideas.