【Unit 04 Section A 2a 2b】九上-人教版-教材帮
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Paula: Hey, Steve! Over here! Don’t you remember me? Steve: Oh, wow! You’re Paula, aren’t you? Paula: That’s right. We were in the same science class during Grade 8. Steve: Yes, now I remember. You used to be really quiet, didn’t you? I remember you were always silent in class. Paula: Yeah. I wasn’t very outgoing.I was never brave enough to ask the teachers any questions! Steve: Well, but you were always friendly. And you got a better grade in science than I did, haha. And I remember you were really good in music class, too. Wait a minute! Did you use to play the piano? Paula: Yes, I did. But now I’m more interested in sports. I play soccer almost every day, and I’m on a swim team. But I still play the piano from time to time. Steve: Wow, you’re so active! People sure change.