【Unit 06 Section A 2a 2b】九上-人教版-教材帮
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Alex: Hi, Carol. Wow, what are those? Carol: Hello, Alex. Oh, these are some of the interesting inventions that I’m writing about for my English homework. Alex: I see…What’s that, then? Carol: They’re shoes with lights. You use them for seeing in the dark when you get up at night. Alex: Oh, that’s a cool idea! I always hit my toe on something on the way to the bathroom at night. Carol: Next is a special ice-cream scoop. This is my favorite invention. It runs on electricity and becomes hot. Alex: I know what it’s for! It’s used for serving really cold ice-cream. Carol: Yes, that’s right! The last invention I’m going to write about is shoes with special heels. You can move the heels up and down. Alex: What are they used for? Carol: Well, you can change the style of your shoes. You can raise the heels if you are going to a party or lower them if you are just going out for shopping.