【Unit 02 Section A 1b】九上-人教版-教材帮
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Mary: What a great day! Bill: Yes, it was really fun! Mary: What did you like best? Bill: I loved the races! They were really interesting to watch. How fantastic the dragon boat teams were! Mary: Yes! And look at the colors of the boats. How pretty they were! Bill: I agree! But I guess it was a little too crowded. Mary: I don’t know…I kind of like to have more people around. It makes things more exciting. Bill: That’s true. Oh, and I really liked eating zongzi. Mary: Oh, me too! The sweet ones are my favorite. Bill: I wonder if they’ll have the races again next year. Mary: Of course! They have them every year. Bill: Then I believe that I’ll be back again next year to watch the races! Mary: Me, too!