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Laura: Hey, Zheng Yun! Zheng Yun: Hi, Laura. Laura: How was your vacation? Zheng Yun: It was great! I went to Weifang in Shandong. Laura: That’s the city famous for kites, right? Zheng Yun: Yes. There’s an international kite festival there every April. That’s why I went there. Laura: How interesting! What happens at the festival? Zheng Yun: People from all over the world compete in kite flying. There are also competitions for the best kites. Laura: Were the kites nice? Zheng Yun: They were beautiful. They were made of different things like silk or paper. Some were painted with colorful drawings. Laura: Sounds like you really enjoyed it. I never thought that something as simple as kite flying could be so exciting. Zheng Yun: Yes, it was really fun to see which kite could fly the highest. Laura: I think I want to learn to fly a kite, too!