【Unit 01 Section A 1b】九上-人教版-教材帮
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Boy: Hey, everybody. There’s a big test on Tuesday.I really need some help. Can you tell me how you study for a big test? Voices: Sure! Yes. Sure we will. Boy: You did really well on the last English test, didn’t you, Meiping? Meiping: Yeah, I did OK. Boy: Well, how did you study for it? Meiping: By making word cards. Boy: Maybe I’ll try that. So, how do you study for a test, Peter? Peter: By asking the teacher for help. She’s always happy to answer my questions. Boy: That’s interesting. How do you study, Tony? Tony: I like to study by listening to tapes. But sometimes my mother thinks I’m listening to music. And then she gets mad. Boy: Oh, maybe I won’t do that then.