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Host: Hello, welcome to today’s discussion. Recently, we carried out a survey to find out what students think about the future. Interestingly, fifty per cent of the students would like to live on another planet, such as Mars. Today, we’ve invited three students to join us in the discussion. Let’s see what they think. Penny, Sarah and Tony, what do you think about living on Mars?


Penny: I’d love to live on Mars. I think it would be very interesting. We could study at online schools.


Sarah: Oh no, I’d hate to live on Mars. We don’t know if it would be really safe. We might get ill from living there.


Penny: No, it would be very safe. Also, if we went to live on Mars, there would be much more   space. We wouldn’t have to live in crowded cities like we do here on     the Earth.


Host: Tony, would you like to live on Mars?


Tony: I’m not sure. Since Mars is so far away from the Earth, what if I find I don’t like living there and want to come back?


Penny: Then you would just need to get on a spacecraft and fly back home. Travelling in space would be fun.


Sarah: I still don’t think Mars is a good place to live. There isn’t enough food, water or oxygen. There might even be dangerous aliens.


Penny: I’m sure there’s water somewhere on Mars, and in the future, there would be plenty of food, water and oxygen.


Tony: If the Earth becomes too seriously polluted, perhaps we’ll have no choice but to move to Mars.